Wonder woman
Why don't we just start shooting all interstate trespassers on sight? Are we just assuming that these 17 Kiwis ARE infected? Are we assuming that only Kiwis can be infected? Are we assuming that if they go to Victoria, that they will be infected? And, are we just assuming that if they come to Queensland. that they WILL infect and kill Queenslanders? Awful lot of stupid assumptions being made here. Considering the fact that less than 1% of the 5.5 Million Australians tested for Cov-19, were positive. And, that over 99.9% of all Australians are not even infected. This is just more irrational fear-mongering, for the ignorant sheep, who wouldn't know a virus from and anus.

As I've said before, this crisis has now become only the means justifying the cause. And, NOT the cause to justifying the means. Does any rational mind here, think that we can actually close down an entire land border? Insane.

FFS, it is the people who ARE supporting, enabling, and condoning government intervention! Other than beefing up emergency services, treating patients, providing hospitals with more resources, educating the public, and providing funds for vaccine research, government should just leave people the fuck alone.

I think you miss the point. What point..?

You, aka Kiwis , that arrived here, shouldn't scatter to the four winds, .
No there are no reasons to think they are infectious... Not the POINT.

It is about RESPECT.
or the lack there of.
Let me read your post again.

"Well Shell, look what happens when the Feds and NSW let kiwis into New South Wales. Yeah? 17 of them hop on a jet to Victoria.
And apparently aren't coming back.!! Vic govt claims they don't know where they are. NSW ? WHO US what ?? WHAT?

So much for managing borders, its a fucking joke. Half or more, maybe all of those Kiwis are right now heading for QLD. FFS. PEOPLE... are so stupid, they necessitate government intervention.".

You said that the the Government allowed Kiwis into NSW. And, 17 of them went to Victoria, and may chose NOT to come back to NSW. You then said, that the Victorian Government, or any other State's governments, CLAIMS not to know where they are. So, why would any government need to be tracking these 17 Kiwis? Are they escaped criminals? Have they committed some crime? Are they a threat to themselves or others? Or, are they illegal immigrants? What? What? Why should they NOT be allowed to "scatter to the four winds"? They are NOT prisoners!! Are you saying that since the Government has allowed these Kiwis into NSW, that they should show their respect for the government's kindness, and stay where the governments puts them? Please tell me, that ain't what you're saying?

Regarding managing border crossings. The border between NSW and Queensland is 4,635 Kilometers long, and 2,550 Kilometers long between NSW and Victoria. How would you suggest that these borders be managed? Shoot them all on site? Either NO ONE should be allowed to cross, or EVERYONE should be allowed to cross.

Are you saying that it is because of social disobedience, that necessitates government intervention? That if we all just do what we're told, the government will leave us alone? Sorry, some of us chose NOT to exist as sheep. Some of us will be the source of change, and the guardians of our freedoms.

You, aka Kiwis , that arrived here, shouldn't scatter to the four winds, .
No there are no reasons to think they are infectious... Not the POINT.
If there is no reason to think that these Kiwis are infectious, then what is your point? Why can't they go anywhere they like? The Government is not a person whom you must show respect for. It is a political system, used to control and define what is in the best interest of the people it serves. You might show support, or approval for its polices. But it has nothing to do with respect. Should you show respect for Capitalism, or for the free market system?

But hey, I might be just missing your point.


Wonder woman
It's about respect for each other.

Not really worth going to war about. Just seems a touch arrogant.. S'pose it depends on what they were told.
Whether they were told to remain in either NSW or NT, or NOT.

Just a typical example of failure to communicate between levels of Government.