CSIRO studying southern Pacific

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CSIRO studying southern Pacific

Postby HBS Guy » 16 Jan 2018, 15:01

The CSIRO has deployed a number of deep sea floats in the Southern Ocean to help increase the understanding of oceans, the way they warm and their impact on climate.

The deep water Argo floats are being deployed by a research expedition that set sail last week for Antarctica in the CSIRO's research vessel Investigator. It will spend six weeks gathering information.

About 3800 Argo floats are already being used to collect information about ocean temperatures and salinity up to a depth of 2000 metres.

However, the new floats, which will be used by the expedition are data-collecting, autonomous ocean robots that can gather information up to depths of 5000 metres.


Studying the waters around Antarctica—will give important info on when ice shelves will go and icesheets start sliding into the sea.
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