Melting of ice sheets and sea level rise

For scientific papers on AGW, record happenings in the Arctic and the Greenland, Himalayan and Antarctic icesheets. Also weatherstorms and higher than average rainfalls and other extreme weather events.

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Re: Melting of ice sheets and sea level rise

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As I have said previously, they many decades out in their predications of sea rise and we should see in a couple of years massive sea rise as melting in the Antarctic and arctic regions accelerates rapidly and swamps cities worldwide. Should be interesting to see how the clones handle their urban squalor going underwater.

"Antarctic glaciers have been melting at an accelerating pace over the past four decades thanks to an influx of warm ocean water — a startling new finding that researchers say could mean sea levels are poised to rise more quickly than predicted in coming decades." ... -Since.htm

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Re: Melting of ice sheets and sea level rise

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Yup. :Pine Island, Thwaites and, on the east coast, Totten glaciers have all started sliding in to the sea.

Deniers talk of volcanoes under the ice—they were there when the ice was accumulating and when it was stable. It is warm water melting the ice sheets that held back the glaciers that is causing it. Meltwater at the base of the glaciers provides lubrication.

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