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Re: New Members

Postby HBS Guy » 12 Oct 2018, 16:42

Captaingoodvibes has joined us. Hope s/he brings many many good vibes :bgrin
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Re: New Members

Postby fisherman » 18 Oct 2018, 20:32

johnsmith wrote:you think perhaps they just wanted access to members?

Access to membas, like hacking? This phpBB forum board togetha with WordPress are the two things hackers can hack when eating a cookie with one hand. It's fairly easy.

Or if an access like send users PMs, some would've said. They would've shared that if did happen, maybe.

That's what I think.

They're probably action-seeking missiles. They come, see there's no activity, go by the road. Let 'em be, the little buggers.
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Re: New Members

Postby johnsmith » 18 Oct 2018, 20:37

fisherman wrote:Access to membas, like hacking?

I hope that bitch who was running their brothels for them gets raped with a cactus.
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