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Do NOT use FaceBook

Postby HBS Guy » 16 May 2018, 23:25

EVERYTHING you or your friends put on your page or on the pages you have “Liked” etc is being used in an effort to develop an Artificial Intelligence that will know all about you and your friends and families. Your smartphone will transmit your conversations to Facebook without being instructed too:

Zuckerberg’s desire to point us toward the next phase of Facebook’s development is notable. Because Facebook isn’t just hoping to use artificial intelligence. Facebook is a leading developer of artificial intelligence. And while Zuckerberg espoused the possibilities of powerful A.I. that recognizes the difference between hate speech and civil debate, he neglected to mention how Facebook is creating it: with more of our personal data.

Facebook saves every word, photo, and video we upload to its platform — even, apparently, the stuff that we think we’ve deleted. Using this massive trove of images and words, Facebook has set about developing computer programs that will recognize one thing from another without human intervention. Artificial intelligence can do great things, like stop impending suicides, but it can also help in other, less altruistic, areas — like advertising. Powerful A.I. that understands images as well as language might, for instance, one day make targeting ads or messages possible based on what surrounds you in a photo, or what you say in a video.
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Re: Do NOT use FaceBook

Postby pinkeye » 17 May 2018, 01:12

Jeez I think that is already happening.

I don't use social media...except for THIS. I do hope we are not compromised here, but I suspect EVERYONE is.
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Re: Do NOT use FaceBook

Postby MilesAway » 20 May 2018, 17:50

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