Prosthetic foreskin: New hope for genital mutilation victims

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Prosthetic foreskin: New hope for genital mutilation victims

Postby Squire » 11 Sep 2018, 12:05

Sprintcyclist, your prayers are answered despite your own self confessed guilt for your genital mutilation.

Rejoice! Prosthetic foreskins are here.

Yes, denizen Sprintcyclist. They do cum in South Pacific colors.

Are they Kosher?


This image shows the SenSlip 'inside out' before being dispatched in its Foil Package

This image shows the SenSlip folded in on itself, as it would appear on the penis

To get the best results from the Senslip foreskin, we suggest that you put the Senslip on in the morning and keep it on all day. Some of our customers wear the Senslip at night as well.

The length of the Senslip is adjustable. The 'ten' different sizes relate to the 'circumference' or 'girth' of the penis shaft. The measuring instructions are explained in more detail at our 'Size Chart' page.

The Senslip artificial foreskin should be very comfortable to wear all day. Each Senslip should last between five and ten days, or longer. Handwashing the Senslip each night will keep them fresh.

> A flexible and flexible cover for the head of your penis.
> An immediate and affordable foreskin substitute.
> Protection of the glans from the abrasive effects of clothing and underwear.
> The return of sensitivity to your glans (de-keratinisatiion)
> A more pronounced and more enjoyable orgasm.
> A softer and smoother glans which is more sensitive to touch and feel.
> A feeling of warmth and security.

Circumcision is permanent. Circumcision in it's variety and degree of severity, reduces the sensitivity and comfort. Circumcision changes the penis forever.

Some men are happy with their circumcised status (About 20% according to our survey page). An increasing number of men, from all walks of life, different age groups and throughout the world, are unhappy about their circumcision. (About 76% according to the Viafin-Atlas survey).

The condition is far worse for those who did not medically require it and did not consent to it. There are many respected organisations that have identified the importance, function and purpose of the complex skin tissue structure natural foreskin.

When worn on a daily basis, the SenSlip* Foreskin can help provide:
The SenSlip is worn on a daily basis, just like your underwear. Within a week or two, or sometimes within a few days, the glans or head of the penis begins to 'de-keratinize'. This is the natural reverse process of 'keratinization' which started to take place the day you were circumcised. When the SenSlip is worn, the membrane of the glans becomes more subtle and more sensitive. The membrane of the glans of a circumcised penis is up to fifteen times thicker than that of the uncircumcised penis. After circumcision the skin surface of the glans callouses, this is the process of keratinization. The SenSlip substitute foreskin can help change this.

Unfortunately, not even foreskin restoration can replace the frenulum and the 20,000 sexually sensitive nerve endings that have been removed.

The 2018 SenSlip* Foreskin range is available in:

FOUR different colours, TEN different sizes

The latest version of the SenSlip foreskin has been designed and manufactured for men who experience a lack of penis sensitivity due to circumcision. The absence of the foreskin you were born with, and the other highly specialised tissue which was removed by circumcision, can lead to a penis that is up to 75% less sensitive, compared to a penis that had been left intact.

​Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin restoration is the accepted method of re-growing a new foreskin and re-covering the glans. This method slowly expands the penile skin to eventually re-cover the glans. For many circumcised men, this process is not possible due to the severity of their own circumcision.

Some men who have tried the foreskin restoration process, have found it takes too long and is too uncomfortable. Many existing SenSlip customers have found that results can be achieved within a very short time period (days or weeks). When worn on a daily basis, the glans no longer rubs against clothing. Glans sensitivity, feel and texture can change rapidly.
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Re: Prosthetic foreskin: New hope for genital mutilation vic

Postby johnsmith » 11 Sep 2018, 13:50

why the obsession with foreskin?
I hope that bitch who was running their brothels for them gets raped with a cactus.
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Re: Prosthetic foreskin: New hope for genital mutilation vic

Postby Squire » 11 Sep 2018, 21:00

johnsmith wrote:why the obsession with foreskin?

Full exposure of this thorny issue elicits strong reactions for and against. It also incites FGM opponents like Pinkeye.

Please don't thank me.
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