Arthur Calwell, leader of the Labor Party

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Arthur Calwell, leader of the Labor Party

Postby Sprintcyclist » 05 Jan 2019, 20:03

.................. “Some people call me a racist because I am proud of the blood that flows through my veins. I am proud of my white skin, just as a Chinese is proud of his yellow skin, a Japanese his brown skin, and the Indians of their various hues from black to coffee-coloured. Anybody who is not proud of his race is not a man at all. And any man who tries to stigmatize the Australian community as racist because they want to preserve this country for the white race is doing our nation great harm. Those who talk about a multi-racial society are really talking about a polyglot nation. Some people talk about a multi-racial society without knowing what the term really means, while others talk about it because they are anxious to change our society. No matter where the pressures come from, Australian people will continue to resist all attempts to destroy our white society.

I reject, in conscience, the idea that Australia should or can ever become a multi-racial society and survive. . . . If Australians are ever foolish enough to open their gates in a significant way to people other than Europeans, they will soon find themselves fighting desperately to stop the nation from being flooded by hordes of non-integratables. Then we will also need a Race Relations Board. None is needed now. A Race Relations Board is necessary only where there are racial problems and racial tensions.

. . . Every country has the inalienable right to determine the composition of its own population. . . . The question of morality or ethics does not arise and cannot be artificially created. ...............
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