Aussie defended alleged rapists and murderers.


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Booby has not made any sort of point about a lawyer defending an alleged criminal. Never thought he could make any sort of cogent argument, the cretin.

Sir Bobby

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Greggy got JaSin banned once for
using the term Rape Dungeon when referring to Greggy's place.
What a fucking sook you are Greggy -
you knew it was figurative/ metaphorical language.
What a dobber and
you were the one who had boasted about sodomising girls bums -
you pervert.


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Bobby has gone full pervert.

Bobby evidently survived a birth reversal and now gets his sex vicariously in the fantasies of others.


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it is JaSin who is a problem... for those dickwads.
Booby is just... well a giant booby...

JaSin .... ?? He is a seriously disturbed dude.


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Nice reading OzPol without a hundred meaningless posts by the idiot. Unfortunately, he will be back there soon posting his pseudoprofound nonsense.