Australia Remastered.


Wonder woman
This is television ABC program, I have just finished watching.
It has taken from ALL archive footage , of natural photgraphy and footage.. you see how old some of it is. AMAZING.

I KNOW.. I said I don't watch Attenborough etc.. and I don't. I dislike the whole schtick.. why the fuck do I want to watch starving polar bears... no ...

BUT this is different...

absolutely NO NONSENSE. I consider it fascinating , objective and footage never seen before or since .. until this show !!

it is presented by Aaron Pedersen.. (kudos) he just covers the footage in a really useful manner. No drama or breathlessness.. just the facts in front of us.. and it is simply EXCELLENT. It is a coverage of wildlife footage from all sources, and specifically is about Australian Fauna. Tonight it was Reptiles. Last week

Wombats The guardian/engineers of the Bush. That was last week.. monotremes the week before.

HIGHLY recommended. If you haven't seen the earlier programs , and you are fascinated by life especially the unique creatures here in OZ yu should watch them if you can.

Tonight we saw a Parenti attempt to kill a King Brown... just for one.. absolutely amazing... both lived to fight another day.


5 Stars