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My 9 yr old was this evening showing his mum his attempts at drawing surrealism this afternoon (his pictures were pretty good for his first attempt, but the titles he gave his drawings were brilliant)

Wife said 'wow, we have a little Picasso here'
He interjected and said 'not Picasso mum, Dali' .... :wtf

He doesn't get it from his old man .... I didn't know who Salvador Dali was until I was well into my 20's .....:headscratcher3


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Still have not seen a huntsbastard™ in the house,, nor have I seen the daddy longlegs that live behind the curtains on the dunny window.


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Funnily enough, webs don't freak me out too much, neither do web spinning spiders.

It's the monsters that crawl about that i'm petrified of.
Mothra, as a young police officer, I learned something. You see, when we would get a prowler call, our response was to park a ways a way and walk in quietly. Once at the house, we would quietly move around the house, watching for a suspect.

Typically, in an urban setting, there would be decorative shrubs along the sides of the house and maybe some lawn or walkway around the sides. Along the edge of the property would be some more shrubs and then a fence line, separating the property from the neighbor's property. So, to make this tour around the house in question, I would quietly walk from the front yard to the back yard, walking through those fairly narrow spaces along the side of the house between the house and the fence line.

Spiders love to spin webs between the shrubs along the side of the house and the shrubs along the fence line, creating a trap for any hapless bugs that flew through that space.

These sorts of calls would come at night, so it was plenty dark, and you can't see the damn webs. I walked into a couple of them, face first a couple of times. After doing that a couple of times, my attitude was "stealth be damned." Before I walked through those spaces, I turned on the flashlight and lit it up. Not stealthy, but I was not going to walk face first into one of those webs.


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Watching old Gunsmoke reruns. Gotta love Festus ....

He called a lawyer a "pearl button Billy." Later, he said he would do something "faster than a cow eats cabbage."

Lol ...