Nancy Pelosi is heading to Taiwan...


The eagle has landed. Nancy Pelosi is in Taiwan. And the Chinese did not do one thing about it other than whine and now they'll be conducting petulant military exercises around the island.

"Nancy Pelosi, the third most senior figure in the US Government, has landed in Taiwan sparking fury from China which has labelled the trip as “extremely dangerous” adding “those who play with fire will perish by it”.
Ms Pelosi landed at Songshan Airport in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, at about 10.45pm local time on Tuesday (12.45am AEST on Wednesday). She was seen descending from the plane and talking to local officials.

The speaker of the US House of Representatives said her visit demonstrated America’s “unwavering commitment” to Taiwan’s democracy – a reference to China’s lack of democracy....

Just after Ms Pelosi landed the PLA said it would “conduct important military exercises and training activities including live-fire drills” around Taiwan from Thursday to Sunday.

It released a map showing six regions where the exercises would take place, many close to Taiwan’s shore. It warned ships and aircraft to stay out of the exercise zones.

PLA will conduct important military exercises and training activities including live-fire drills in six regions surrounding the Taiwan island from Thursday to Sunday
— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) August 2, 2022...

Victor Gao, a pro-Beijing one time adviser to former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping told Sky News UK Ms Pelosi’s trip “damages US-China relations”.

“This is not a peaceful trip by any measurement.

“The US military and the Chinese military are being antagonised against each other. She is the troublemaker-in-chief in the world.

“Nancy Pelosi’s visit does not help with the peaceful reunification [of Taiwan and China] – it could trigger a civil war.

“Nancy Pelosi’s visit may, ironically, speed up the reunification process.

“This will happen. And I hope Nancy Pelosi lives to see that day.”

Mr Gao added that he wouldn’t be surprised if China announced sanctions against Ms Pelosi and her travelling party.



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they were never going to do anything. Whislt they are rising, they know that they're not yet at the point where they can take on the US and win.

I give them another decade at least before they get to that point


It's 1984 run amok over there. No opposition and if you do speak out there's a "re-education camp" waiting to turn you into an organ donor.


China is still hopping mad over Pelosi's trip. It has now for the first time fired missiles over the mid-line in the strait separating Taiwan from China....

China blames Australia as Taiwan row explodes

China just did the unthinkable, sending a missile over Taiwan for the first time ever. Then, shockingly, they blamed Australia for “pushing the world closer to war”.