Offshore Wind Energy Zones


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The federal Energy Minister has declared the Ninety Mile Beach on the
Gippsland coast to be Australia's first offshore wind zone. Offshore wind
farms aim to fill the future void left by coal-fired power station closures
in the Latrobe Valley, such as Loy Yang near Traralgon.

Federal government declares Australia's first six offshore wind energy zones

The first development is well under way, with most preliminary research
both at deep and surface sea levels, and on the on-land easement being
completed recently.

Your first glimpse of Star of the South

This is a major greening step, as the power generated by Star of the South
will equal that of the Loy Yang facility—which is around 20% of Victoria's
electricity needs.


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Yes, offshore wind is stronger and steadier than wind onshore.

Like to see it supplemented by a real, 20Km x 20Km solar farm in the dry tropics—parts NTZ and northern WA should do. Molten salt for energy storage.